Reaching the Workplace for Christ in Vancouver, WA

"In pursuit of Christ's eternal objectives, the purpose of Christ@Work is to encourage and equip leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives according to Biblical principles."

That formal quote is important because it accurately describes the purpose of Christ@Work but we should also emphasize that our meetings are much more than just "head knowledge"!

What to expect at our meetings

picture of a coachWe spend time getting to know each other, supporting each other and working together to better understand what the Maker of the Universe may have in mind for our businesses. We watch an excellent and thought provoking video and we pray for each other.

If you attend one of our groups, and we hope you will, you may find yourself sitting across from someone who owns a home building company or perhaps an insurance business. We have people from banking, marketing and many other professions. We also have good folks from some of the local non-profit agencies. We may have different backgrounds but we are united in our desire to allow God to work through our companies and influence our community and our world.

Three groups meeting in Vancouver

The Vancouver groups of Christ@Work use a curriculum called "Excellence in Business Leadership" which is offered in a small group format. There are currently three groups meeting in Vancouver weekly.

There are also around 10 groups meeting in Portland.

For more information about the national Christ@Work program, visit You can also learn more about the Vancouver Christ@Work Groups from this summary.

How to contact us

For local meeting and event information contact:

Gary Meier (360) 241-5600
Evan Wiggs (360) 606-7412
Ross Reida (503) 807-2141

or e-mail us at

More information

The following is taken from the national Christ@Work website and helps explain the purpose of Christ@Work and how it operates:

"Changing our world, one company leader at a time"